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Bespoke Consultancy & Training

ELMU Group's Consultancy & Training pillar looks to strengthen and enhance organisational capacity building, innovation and sustainability for future growth in today's dynamic and evolving business landscape.

Through long-term partnerships with Law Enforcement agencies, Institutional partners, Academia and Industry experts across Asia and beyind, ELMU Group provides tailored industry-relevant training from Cybersecurity and Finance to Risk Management, Compliance and Governance as well as consultancy services that can be delivered in person, online or through a blended approach, offering maximum flexibility for organisations and agencies in both the public and private sectors. 

Explore ELMU Training Courses covering key areas in Anti Corruption & Corporate Liability, Risk Management, Resilience in Crisis & Disaster Management, Environment, Social & Governance, and Human Capital Management through diverse and customised approaches designed to fit your organisation's unique requirements and objectives. 



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Anti Corruption & Corporate Liability

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Risk Management

Resilience in Crisis & Disaster Management

Human Capital Management

Environment, Social & Governance

ELMU Experts

Holistic Intelligence, Surveillance and Security Solutions (HISSS) 

Under this pillar, the Holistic Intelligence, Surveillance and Security Solutions (HISSS) provides cutting-edge expertise in Surveillance & Security Solutions and Corporate Intelligence & Investigations for organisations and agencies in both public and private sectors. 


Surveillance & Security Solutions: HISSS develops and offers tailored software and hardware solutions that combine our technical knowledge with our multidisciplinary experts in evolving technology to meet our clients specific needs. 

Corporate Intelligence & Investigations: Organisations will be able to have access to experts in facing multifaceted challenges faced by law enforcement and industry.



Our services include Consultation, Design, Proposal, Implementation, and Management of a Complete Enforcement, Identification, and Cyber Security Solution for our client base.


BioSecure Solutions Sdn.Bhd was incorporated in June 2004 to provide a complete Biometric service by delivering customized portfolio of Identification and Biometric solution with real time data and reporting.

Our capabilities and solutions have expanded to focus on Enforcement Technology via technical partnership with Elmu Education Group. Elmu is a Law Enforcement Training, R&D, Testing and Evaluation organization that specializes in Intelligence, Surveillance, Integrity, Security and Training.

The synergy of our experience coupled with technical collaboration with Elmu provides BioSecure Solutions with the best of breed to Consult, Design, Propose, Implement and manage a complete Enforcement, Identification and Cyber Security solution to our client base


  • Focused on Enforcement Technology as our core offering, we provide a combination of Biometric, Identification Solution and Enforcement Technology for Private and Government based agencies.
  • Our offering includes providing managed services to the solutions we have designed as a proof of operation excellence.
  • Among some of the key projects involved are Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia, Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalanraya (JPJ) and as a consultant to the Institute of Integrity & Enforcement Agency of Malaysia




EXCEL Programme : Corporate Liability & Organisational Anti-Corruption Plan


The MACA-ELMU strategic collaboration is the first initiative launched by ELMU with support from various parties. ELMU's collaboration is the only one in the market where exclusive partnerships is established with MACA. This collaboration is the best medium in raising awareness on anti-corruption issues, the impact of corruption on the business community and the best mechanism to protect businesses from corrupt practices and abuse of power.

The programme also provides initial exposure to the private sector on Section 17A, offenses by commercial organizations which is a new section in the MACC Act 2009. Apart from that, the private sector will also be provided with the relevent exposure and advice on preparing the nessesary tools for Corruption Risk Management (CRM), Corporate Liability and the development of Organizational Anti-Corruption Plan (OACP).